Rick Wakeman – Return To The Centre Of The Earth

We have had lots of initial impression but no one has really given a view after a lot of listens. So I will give mine to start us off (I hope). I was going to do a full review but since I don’t normally do a track by track review when I get a new […]

Rick Wakeman – Aspirant Sunset

These discs were one of my last choices. I tend to prefer hard rock and Moog solos. But these discs have had a bigger place in my collection than I expected. I have to confess Sunrise somehow grabs my attention as being a favourite but someone already has a review on the Rick Wakeman site […]

Disciple – Damian Wilson

In his Career Damian Wilson has sang with Threshold, Landmarq, Jeronimo Road, Ayreon and Rick Wakeman. I wasn’t keen on him in Jeronimo Road and I have reservations about his voice in some parts of Wakeman’s catalogue but I found him OK overall and he is a really nice bloke personally. Damian has also sung […]

Rick Wakeman – Two Sides Of Yes

This disc has slipped out without a mention from Rick or his website. The first I heard of it was on a Classic Rock Legends Catalogue. It is now also making advertising in main Magazines. Wondrous Stories normally seem to be ahead of the rest with their adverts and it is currently on their back […]

Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman – The Jabberwocky

I have written this review with two lists in mind so bare with me 🙂 1. Overture – This gets the disc off to a cracking start. Good keyboards and Bob Catley singing a very interesting vocal line. 2 – Coming to town – This is another Catley song. And it reminds me of an […]

Rick Wakeman – Themes

I am bored so I thought I would do the review even though I am not completely sure what I think yet. Fanfare – This is a track very much in the Wakeman with Wakeman mould. It is OK but nothing special to me so far. Bassolla – This is rather an inverted song to […]

Gole and Hero – Soundtracks By Rick Wakeman

I have just spent the Last two days watching German Language Versions of Gole and The Hero. It was interesting to see that Gole has a few bits of Extra Music. I think mainly because they were not long enough. Or my Memory is it’s usual bad self and I am wrong. The Gole World […]

The Making Of Surreal State Circus – Rick Wakman – Video

My copy of this video came today and I guess it was much as I had expected it to be hence the reason for having delayed buying it for so long. It is a kind of homemade production. Certainly not normal Tv Standards. And the sounds include from Rick are of very poor quality. I […]

Rick Wakeman – Can You Hear Me?

This album is a must have. Although this is Cross over Rock, Atheists like me self need not fear. You don’t have to be Christian to like this. This album contains 5 tracks originally from the Prayers Album but they have been augmented with a new choir. I love it.

Scorpions – Taken By Force

For some reason this disc has been out of print for years. I have never understood why and now that I have finally got my hands on it I am even more perplexed. This was the last Studio album to feature Uli Roth on Lead Guitar and it is an excellent all round effort. I […]