I have just spent the Last two days watching German Language Versions of Gole
and The Hero.

It was interesting to see that Gole has a few bits of Extra Music. I think
mainly because they were not long enough. Or my Memory is it’s usual bad self
and I am wrong.

The Gole World Cup ie 82 appears to have been about Fouls. The 86 one Hero
about Maradona. The Music for Gole seemed Latin flavoured but was on decent
keyboards (wasn’t Matt or Eduardo?) whereas the Hero seemed to be more Ryhmn/Pucussion
orientated and I guess more fitting as soundtrack music since I kept forgetting
to listen to it. It seemed less remarkable certainly. I can see why it was not
an album (to my knowledge).

Curiously the film ended on what must be a definite attempt by Rick at a Pop
single. A song called "Special Kind of Hero" sung by Stephanie Lawrence
(who is she?) There was lots of echo on her voice and I guess on first listen
it was OK. Somewhat in the Ill of Moonlight Shadow given my limited knowledge
of Female singers/music. Was it ever released?

I did not think much of Gole when i got it on tape some year back. Perhaps
because the B’side was Rhapsodies. Anyway I have played it more this year and
I find it to be quite good now