All Time Favourite Albums

My All Time Favourite Albums are Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy – I don’t expect there are many other people that would agree with me on this but I think it is an album you either love or hate. I love Tony Iommi’s guitar solos on this and for once I even notice the drumming. […]

Gig’s I have been too

I have been keeping this list of gigs I have attended and often written reviews for friends. It might interest someone so I have decided to put it online. I have tried to go to a lot of gigs in recent times as that is the only enjoyment worth aggravating my ME for but I […]

Kiss Trilogy

I have just completed reading a trilogy of books on Kiss. At Christmas I got Face the Music: A Life Exposed – Paul Stanley Paul has always been my favourite in Kiss and I was particularly impressed with his Autobiography. I believe it was ghost written by Tim Mohr and he has done a really […]

Uli Roth – The Railway, Ipswich – 9 Sept 2012

I am very much into my hard rock bands but I am not big on guitarists as a rule. Last night at The Railway, Ipswich. I got to see someone that I figure is in my top 5 of guitarist that I just love to hear playing Uli Roth. (Others that spring to mind are […]

Karnataka – High Barn, Great Bardfield – 26/1/12

Firstly, praise for the venue, a lovely 14th Century barn. It is a great setting for a gig with good acoustics. As you drive to it, you wonder where a crowd will appear from as it is in the heart of Essex with only villages around it, but Karnataka still managed to draw a good […]

Claydon High School Trip to Einsiedeln 1980

Having seen my page on Claydon High School receiving its first computer. Darren Rampley got in touch with me and sent me the booklet we received for the 1980 school Trip to Einsiedeln, Switzerland. I have some photos so I am sharing them back It was interesting to read who went. Also some of the comments in the […]

The Polio Paradox – Richard L. Bruno H.D., Ph. D. (reviewed again)

I first finished reading “The Polio Paradox” in 2002 and have always held it in high esteem. Since finishing the book a lot has changed in my life. I have trained as a hypnotherapist and used my training to help myself move from being a mobility Scooter user to being runner. I have come a […]

Claydon High School in the Papers in 1981

I was looking in my old Scrapbook and came across this newspaper article. It is from the Evening Star in April 2 1981. The School was just receiving a Research Machines 380Z and thus was effectively the first time I got interested in Computers. For the next year I hogged the 380Z before and after […]