Having seen my page on Claydon High School receiving its first computer. Darren Rampley got in touch with me and sent me the booklet we received for the 1980 school Trip to Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

I have some photos so I am sharing them back

It was interesting to read who went. Also some of the comments in the booklet such as “Show the shopkeepers that you are aware of the bad reputation English School Parties have for Shoplifting”

Party Members were:
Mr G.R. Chapman
Mrs M.J.Peel
Mr D. Barthorpe

Errol Brown
Jean Cordle
David Cuff
Andrew Davies
Sara Dixon
David Ellis
Martin Farnan
Richard Handel
Bridget Harvey
Jonathan Hinchliffe
Cynthia Hume
Susan Hurren
Andrew Ingram
Suzanne Jackson
Paul Jackson
Mark Kemp
Jeremy Laws
Victoria Leggett
Catherine Marshall
Lee Mathews
Andrew Moss
Karen Oxborrow
Thomas Pinkney
Terry Pointer
Darren Rampley
Paula Roberts
Graham Smith
Teresa Spendley
Tracey Stammers
Sandra Taylor
Christopher Whitting
Steven Wilson
Jennifer Woodward