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  This site is place a place where I have stored my thoughts on things over the years. 27/1/12 Sadly large parts of this website’s contents are out of date. I last put serious work into it about 2006. Occasionally I am thinking of things to add however

Who Am I?

  I am just a typical middle aged person from Essex. I have a hypnotherapy site and blog My main focus is Melodic Rock band Praying Mantis. I also do pages for Lyadrive who’s drummer I got to know as a fan of Praying Mantis I maintain the 2nd Braintree and Bocking Air Scout Group website. I am also Group Scout Leader there.

Other Interests

  • I have a bash at playing a Yahama WX-5 Wind Controller. This is basically a stick that plays like a Saxophone. It connects to a Yahama VL70-m Tone Generator and this can produced 256 different factory set voices plus other uploadable sounds. I got it as I used to play Sax and Clarinet as a teenager but was pitch-wise hence this is in the non music interest section!). Being an electric instrument I can practice in silence. Since getting it I have tried a Clarinet again.
  • Reading – I don’t get as much time for reading as I would like. My all time favourite novel is Woman In White by Wilkie Collins and my favourite author is probably John Wyndham. I normally write reviews of the books I have read.
  • My Family Tree and The Origins of the name Hinchliffe
  • Camping
  • Hill Walking
At the time of this update (10/10/09) I suffer from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However I feel I am now 80% over this. You will need to jump to my ME/Hypnotherapy pages for my current status. My ME page here finishes before my recovery started.