Inquisitor Jon

Since I started my Praying Mantis Web site I have carried several interviews with the band. Bernie Shaw (Now Uriah Heep, Ex-Grand Prix) Interview Mark Thompson Smith Interview Interview with Colin Peel Dave Potts Interview Dennis Stratton (Ex-Iron Maiden) Interview Steve Carroll Interview Horakane Interview with Tony O’Hora Rodney Matthew (Cover Artist For Many Bands) During 2000 […]

Praying Mantis For Powerplay Magazine

Praying Mantis have had a long and turbulent career but now they have a steady line-up and two strong albums to bring them to everyone’s attention again¬† Praying Mantis first grabbed the headlines in the music scene around 1978 when Neal Kay at " The Bandwagon" HM Soundhouse club in London took an interest in […]

Praying Mantis Interview

Praying Mantis have had a long and turbulent career. They first came to national press attention in 1979 when they were one of the leading lights of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Things went a bit awry after the first album but in 1990 they were invited to play in Japan. They […]

Karnataka Interview – 4 June 2002

This write up is very verbose and I expect a lot of people will think it needs a good edit but from my point of view it is better to let fans read all the detail they want than to cut it down. I would hope that people who find it too long can just […]

Roger Dean

On 20th September 2001 I was invited to a press conference for a Roger Dean Art Exhibition at 28 Cork Street, London 12th-24th November 2001. Roger was very chatty so I decided it would be worth transcribing what was discussed. The questions were mainly from Jon at the Record Collector (he tends to be the […]

Mostly Autumn Interview – 14 Aug 2001

This first appeared in a cut down form in Fireworks Magazine Issue 6 Mostly Autumn are a York based 7 piece band. They have released 3 albums, are about to release a DVD of a recent London Showcase gig and have just signed a 3-album deal with Classic Rock Legends who have done wonders recently […]

Lana Lane Interview – December 2000

JH: Is Lana Lane your stage name? LL: My real name is Lane and my surname is in Norlander since I am married to my Producer, Co-writer and keyboard player husband Erik Norlander.¬† Erik and I didn’t think that sounded very rock’n’roll like so we sat around and tried to think of the name that […]