My All Time Favourite Albums are

  1. Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy – I don’t expect there are many
    other people that would agree with me on this but I think it is an album you
    either love or hate. I love Tony Iommi’s guitar solos on this and for once
    I even notice the drumming.
  2. Praying Mantis – Time Tell No Lies – I have had this album from day
    one and something about it clicked with me. Actually at the time I was a Dr
    Who Novel “Dr Who and the Darlek 2010AD” and it had freedom fighters
    trying to recapture the Earth. Mantis have a line about “Freedom fighters”
    in one of the songs. That and the fact the music was usual to my ears and
    the vocals delivered in a strange accent just made it a special reading experience
    as the album became familiar to me. Then over the year I just found myself
    returning to it over and over again. As far as I knew in 1994 Praying Mantis
    had died a death and never imagined being album to own the album on CD. Now
    I do their web page 🙂
  3. Rick Wakeman – The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of
    the round table
    – I was into NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal)
    bands when I got this album 2nd hand. I pretty much dismissed it as being
    far to light but over the next few months I returned to it and discovered
    it’s quality. Every time I listening it I find something new to hear in the
    mix. I just love it.
  4. Ayreon – The Final Experiment – A friend sent me this on tape and
    said to give it ago. I played it and thought I had heard it all before. On
    further plays though I got over that bias and just enjoyed the fantastic used
    of singers, guitars, and most importantly keyboards. I was still playing it
    over 70 plays later. Normally I get bored of a new album between 10-20 listens.
  5. Lou Reed – Berlin – I love the lyrics and atmosphere on this album.
    People find it depressing. I just love it.
  6. David Bowie – Hunky Dory – I got this album for Life On Mars and
    it sparked of several interests above. e.g. I wanted to know more about Richard
    Wakeman so got Myths and Legends. And I loved Queen Bitch at tribute to Lou
    Reed and the Velvet Underground so I started looking at his work. I think
    this was Bowie at his best and having Rick Wakeman on Piano made it even better.
  7. Gillan – Mr Universe – I love Ian Gillans vocals and I think this
    album represents him at his best.
  8. ELO – ELO – The first ELO album. It contained Roy Wood who I loved
    from Wizzard and it is great to hear a rock band playing with Orchestral instruments.
    Every ELO album after this just diluted the mix. Such a shame.
  9. ZZ Top – Tres Hombres – I read about this album in an interview with
    Kerrang! in 1980 for some reason I thought I would have to try it and I was
    glad I did. I love the hypnotic rhythm of the beat. A great album.
  10. John Cale – Paris 1919 – This one I find hard to explain. I think
    I rate it so highly because it is so different to everything else in my collection.
    And of course I love it.

It is sad to see I owned all these album by 1982 with exception of Ayreon.
Luckily there an now news bands that are starting
to interest me again.

Honourable mentions go to

As can be seen I am pretty keen of the following artists


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