Pictures from Rick and the Band on the "Out There" tour are here

Pictures from Rick and the Band in Rotherham are here

Pictures from Rick’s "last one-man" show in Braintree are here

Pictures of Rick and the group at the Daphne Du Maurier Festival, Fowey are

Pictures from Rick’s Charity Performance on the Isle Of Wight are here

Pictures from the band performance in Marlborough Aug 2000 are here

Pictures from the An Evening With Rick Wakeman Tour are here

Pictures from The Half Century Church Tour are here

I have commented on quite a few Rick Wakeman albums in my time. See here

The Gospels at Rochester Cathedral Friday 24th July

Ian Lavender (“Pike” from Dad’s Army) is on the Left with White
Hair. Ramon Ramedios is behind the post in the Black Jacket and Bow tie. Then
it is of Course Rick. David Paton is on Bass (in front of the Keyboard) and
Tony Fernadez on Drums. The Choir belonged to the Cathedral.

Nov 22nd 1992 Leisure World, Colchester – The Wakeman
With Wakeman Tour.

Seeing this reminds me how long it’s been since Rick used Lighting
and Dry Ice at a gig in the UK. I guess it was the No Expense Spared Tour

Poor Old Wop (Tony Fernadez) was well hidden wasn’t he?

The No Expense Spared Tour December 1993 Leisure World, Colchester

The First Time I plucked up the courage to have a photo taken
with Rick. He started the long process of signing all my CD’s, LP’s Book and

Leisure World, Colchester on 17th May 1996 – The
Wot’s On TV Tonight tour.

I suspect Rick was finally finishing signing all my collection.
Except of course the recent stuff.

The Piano Tour Halstead Baptist Church, Essex On Friday December
13th 1996

Rick was telling a Joke about Never getting Real Candels and
the Church Staff brought him some out. I have a feeling he was Surprised the
staff certainly spent some time hiding them from him. But of course it could
have been a good bit of acting.

During the Encore

Sunday 3rd May 1997 – The 25th Anniversary
Concert Of the English Chamber Choir and Preimer of a New Piece of Work called

The Strings section was The English Players. The Cathedral was
Southwark Cathedral in London

The Never ending task of meeting the fans. This time Graham
Johnson from the Wakeman Discussion list is on the Left.

Ronnie Scots Birmingham on 22 and 23 July 1997 – Rick looking
very casual Stage clothes wise

Doing the Dual during Merlin

Not a clear shot but on the tables in the audience.

Doom Joins on Guitar during Starship Trooper

Ricks Keyboard Set up. The Chords are written out for Lost in
Time, Vienna (I think), Etna, Starship Trooper

This time I was far more interested in talking to Chrissy than