I have written this review with two lists in mind so bare with me 🙂

1. Overture – This gets the disc off to a cracking start. Good keyboards and
Bob Catley singing a very interesting vocal line.

2 – Coming to town – This is another Catley song. And it reminds me of an early
Magnum song I think "Captain America". My second favourite of the

3 – Dangerous world – Tracy Hitchins sings the main part of this one. It is
quite a pleasant song but I really hate the pantomime style harpsichord music
for the Jabberwock. This starts and ends the track

4 – The Forest – This is a choir track with good keyboards much as I would
expect from Rick Wakeman (although not played by him. They are played by Clive
Nolan and Oliver Wakeman)

5- A Glimmer Of’ light – Another Tracy track. Quite soft but I do quite like

6 – Shadows -‘ It starts with a good keyboard section. Goes into pantomime
for the Jabberwock again. Then back to good keyboards again. It all sounds very
Rick in style to me.

7 – Enlightenment – Paul Allison is the main voice on this and Bob also has
a part. I am fairly indifferent to it until the Bob section which I love. It
really brightens the piece and the instrumental break is good

8 – Dancing Water – Bob, Tracy and the Jabberwock (James Plumridge) are in
this one. I can’t say I am that struck by it

9 – The Burgundy Rose – This is my favourite of the disc. Bob Catley is not
a big chap so singing "I don’t feel so small and insignificant any more"
somewhat amuses me. That’s not the reason I like it though it is just a good
soft piano/vocal track. The sort of track I like Bob doing best. The moog break
is good to.

10 – The Mission – An up tempo Bob song. A suitable follow up.

11 – Call to Arms – The choir Bob and Tracy are on this mainly instrumental
track. It has some nice keyboards but does do much for me overall.

12 – Finale – This is just a typical summary of earlier themes.

Rick Wakeman’s Narration is good and the lyrics make sense. I don’t think the
album is brilliant but it is reasonably good. I wish the Jabberwock theme was
different. I think any Rick Wakeman fan will like this album as will any Magnum
fan. I think the main problem for me on the album is the filler type stuff to
make it a concept album.