I am bored so I thought I would do the review even though I am not completely
sure what I think yet.

Fanfare – This is a track very much in the Wakeman with Wakeman mould. It is
OK but nothing special to me so far.

Bassolla – This is rather an inverted song to me. It has a bouncy Bassey keyboard
riff up front. This is rather repetitive. In the background are the higher and
more changeable parts. I quite like this one but I am not sure if I will get
bored of it.

Nothing Left to Say – This is a nice Piano Piece

Latin Cycle – This as the title suggests has a latin feel to it and could easily
be from Gole to my ears.

Ambient Loop – I guess the title sort of describe this one. It is not like
the Ambient stuff as it has more pace. It is a very nice track.

Without Love – This is undoubtedly my favourite track on the album. Rick said
in 1983 on his GasTank TV Series that he writes from Emotion. I think this helps
show it. Despite not being a great Lyricist Rick has written quite a few love
songs and in general I think they are pretty good. Frazer Thorneycroft-Smith
is the singer on this track which caught me out for the first few plays as I
was expecting Chrissie Hammond and it is sung the way she would do it. In fact
Chrissie is in the background. I don’t know why Rick Wanted to use Frazer as
like Adam I don’t think he is a very good singer. But the vocals and Ricks Melody
line really work well for me on this.

Section Seven – I guess this track is like something of Cirque Surreal. The
guitar is much more conventional though. The sound Rick is using is Similar
to that on Light up the Sky I think. The track is OK.

Hall of Fame – This one has an orchestrated feel to it that reminds me of Curved
Air’s Exsultate Jubilate. The is a lot of atmosphere stuff at the start of the
song which is not music to me as such. I would like to see a whole album tackled
in this style.

On Our Way – Mmm I suspect this is the Song Rick may have planned to use for
the Intro of Linkers Golden boots. It is very Pop like, I guess in a similar
way to Light up the Sky was but Rick does very little of interest on this and
I am not that keen on the lyrics which are sung by Chrissie.

Forever And Ever – An atmospheric start with Frazer on guitar progresses into
a JiggaJig sounding Keyboard from Rick and then to piano.

Freefall – I need to listen to this one more. I think it might will grow on
me but at present I am convinced there is a problem with the mix or the recording.
There is about three minutes of instrumental before the vocals by Chrissie start.
But the vocals are the problem. The are either too far back in the Mix or they
are recorded badly. They certainly lack clarity and it is as though they are
a demo or something. This is most’ disappointing.

As I say I think the track overall is quite good but I have not really started
enjoying it yet because of this perceived problem.

Overall I don’t think it is an outstanding album but I suspect I will be placing
it in the Top 30 Wakeman albums along with the likes of Tribute.

I look forward to hearing others views on Freefall.