For some reason this disc has been out of print for years. I have never understood
why and now that I have finally got my hands on it I am even more perplexed.
This was the last Studio album to feature Uli Roth on Lead Guitar and it is
an excellent all round effort. I guess I have been slightly spoilt in that I
have known live versions of a lot of these songs since 1980 and they inevitably
are still my favourites. But lets go to track level.

Steamrock Fever – Opens with a Pneumatic Drill, which actually continues through
out the song. This is a cracking one paced opener to the album.

We’ll Burn The Sky – Is my favourite track on the album and because of events
in my personal life I have suddenly realised the lyrics are really quite sensitive
and meaningful. I have loved this track live for 20 years and never thought
of them so it is a nice bonus. It has a gentle start there are even hints of
strings or keyboards. It then kicks in big time for a bit. It then slows down
for andr Klaus puts in a sensitive vocal performance. The speed picks up again
but not so aggressively. There is some real nice guitar in this section and
then we get a really strong ending. Excellent guitar again. Wonderful stuff
all round.

I’ve Got To Be Free – This is the first non-Tokyo tapes track. Klaus’s vocals
remind me very much of the early era albums on this. He exchanges vocals with
I assume Uli who again isn’t credited 🙁 This is an OK track not an out and
out stunner but very enjoyable. It has to be said I enjoy the line "I’m
not your Bugs bunny and your not my wife" I guess simple things please
simple minds.

The Riot Of Your Time – Another new track to me. I probably enjoy this more.
It’s always fun when a track written look to a future time that is now well
in the past (1994/1995). The guitar on this is more interesting again. It was
a bit straight forward on the previous track.

The Sails Of Charon – This starts of with some rhythm guitar and then adds
some lead. Klaus’s voice was so different in this era. I really like it. His
voice also works well with Uli’s backing. This track passes the time and is
Ok but if my least favourite so far.

Your Light – This opens with some good backing rhythms from the guitars. I
quite like this one, it is fairly mellow and laid back. I really enjoy the guitar
solo too.

He’s A Woman – She’s A Man – Back to a track I know. The concept always used
to amuse me and now it is even more interesting as one of my brothers became
my sister. I don’t think there is anything objectionable in the lyrics and it
is a cracking track. I love the vocals and feedback and the guitar solo. Wonderful

Born To Touch Your Feelings – This one too has a lyric really suitable for
my personal life this week. This seem so strange for a band later best know
for "The Bitch is hungry, She needs to Tell so give her inches and feed
her well" This is the ballad of the album and I was immediately drawn to
it. The ending is very strange. Lots of woman speaking the first verse in different
languages. I like this one a lot. Most unusual though

Suspender Love – Is a bonus track and was originally the B-side to "He’s
a woman She’s a man." There is no explanation as to why it didn’t make
the album. Perhaps it wasn’t written. It made the ‘Tokyo Tapes’ set though and
is an excellent song. It is quite slow paced here. I think I might enjoy this
more because I know the live version so well. I am sure when I am listening
I am adding extras from the live version so it is hard for me to be objective
on this version

Polar Nights – Originally from "Tokyo Tapes". This one has a wonderful
opening. At first I wasn’t to disappointed when it was dropped from the main
album but hearing it here solo I have really grown to love it. The main vocal
is by Uli Roth and I am not struck on it but that opening 3 minutes are fantastic.
Actually the instrumental backing through out the track is wonderful. It is
just the vocal I am not sure about. Uli is definitely best on his guitar especially
on this track.

So as is typical of the Scorpions for me there are a few out and out classics
on the album and some less outstanding album fillers. I can certainly see why
the songs in the Tokyo Tapes set where chosen. They are the best.

I notice on the web site they have have different image for the front cover.
I wonder why? The packaging could be so much better on these remasters 🙁