My copy of this video came today and I guess it was much as I had expected
it to be hence the reason for having delayed buying it for so long.

It is a kind of homemade production. Certainly not normal Tv Standards. And
the sounds include from Rick are of very poor quality. I mean in the recording
not performance. I think most of them must have been live performances recorded
atmospherically from the Circus PA.

It was quite boring for the first 20 minutes or so but then there was more
talk from Rick and the Circus was taking shape and you could see what was going

I am not sure of the Purpose of Making the video. I guess it was as a Souvenir
of the Event. I wish it had been a recording of the whole circus performance.

There was some excepts of Music that I did not seem to recognise so my memory
is faulty or it was not all included on the CD. If that was the case it would
definitely have been good to see the whole performance on Video.

I had been tempted to go and see the circus but I don’t think my family circumstances
at the time permitted it. I would definitely go now.

Do I recommend the video? It was certainly interesting to watch. I think I
would recommend you get it only when you have money to burn and have all other
Rick Videos. I guess I would put it on a par to videos of Listomania and She.

It was also interesting that there was no sign of Chrissy Hammond at the circus
which makes me wonder why Rick used her on the CD.’