Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

UPDATE 16 Oct 2009 – As I write this update the last modified date on this page is 16/5/05 and I highly doubt that was an update in page content. This page is therefore largely historical and I am quite pleased it is still here. At last ME is 80% a thing of my past. […]

Gig’s I have been too

I have been keeping this list of gigs I have attended and often written reviews for friends. It might interest someone so I have decided to put it online. I have tried to go to a lot of gigs in recent times as that is the only enjoyment worth aggravating my ME for but I […]

Headspace – Herringthorpe Centre, Rotherham, 20th January 2007

Headspace are a new band created by Adam Wakeman. The band features ex-Rick Wakeman band members Lee Pomeroy (bass) and Damian Wilson (vocals) along with Rich Brook on Drums and Pete Ronaldi on guitar. Tonight was their first gig. The Herringthorpe Centre is a sports hall which is used by the Classic Rock Society for […]


Some recent shots first (By the looks of them a bit old now!) My most recent Picture. L-R Leon Lawson (Praying Mantis Touring Keyboard player), Bernie Shaw (Uriah Heep and ex Mantis vocalist), Me after a rather brutal haircut (Jul 2000) Typical Sight with me going out (see M.E.)   With Abbie in the Park. […]

John Wyndham

John Wyndham and Wilkie Collins are probably my two favourite authors. I have read all Wyndham’s novels so I moved on to his short stories and had a lot of trouble indentifying which book which story comes in so I therefore started to compile the data in a database. A lot of this stuff is […]

Essential music for a desert island

Bored one day I decided to sit down and have a guess at my favourite tracks. This is not something I find easy to do as a lot of groups I love the album as a whole without really having a strong preference for an individual track. This was going to be a top 10 […]

Mask – Bar-Ginglik, Shepherd's Bush Green, London – 14 Oct 2004

This is the first gig I have attempted a review for in a long time. Mainly because I have a train journey home for the first time in ages. Mask are Marvin Ayres and Sonia Kristina. Sonia was in Curved Air and Marvin and I have been chatting to for years because he said "Hello" […]

Karnataka – The Oakwood Centre Rotherham – 15 May 2004

It seem’s unlikely now that I will get around to writting a gig review for this one. It was an excellent gig though with 4 tracks I had not heard before. 2 I believe were on the new live Strange Behaviour album which I got on the night. Since the Oakwood is a very crowd […]

Praying Mantis For Powerplay Magazine

Praying Mantis have had a long and turbulent career but now they have a steady line-up and two strong albums to bring them to everyone’s attention againĀ  Praying Mantis first grabbed the headlines in the music scene around 1978 when Neal Kay at " The Bandwagon" HM Soundhouse club in London took an interest in […]