Inside 25 Cromwell St – Stephen and Mae West

I was a bit disappointed to discover this book was a News Of The World publication. I suppose I should have guessed as it was bound to be a bit sensationalist. Or so I thought. Once I had actually read it I thought it was a fairly good insight into what it must be like […]

Web – John Wyndham

As you would expect from John Wyndham another excellent story that seems quite well thought out. Since the novel is quite short (too short really) the brief summary on the back gives almost all the plot away so don’t read it. Just sit back and read the novel as it unfolds. In case like me […]

The Whole Woman – Germaine Greer

3 out 5 – An Interesting but flawed book. Well this is a hard book to review. I got it because I saw a program about Greer and it’s imminent release. Since I have been chatting with a feminist friend I thought I would see what I guessed was a feminist "leader" had to say. […]

Read My Lips By Riki Anne Wilchins

I got this book because my brother has recently broken down the walls he built up around himself to find he is really a she. I had in the past read Julia Grant’s "Just Julia" out of casual interest and lending her this book in fact helped her identify herself. However I was after more […]

The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame By Victor Hugo

This one took me to two attempts two read as my mental abilities were reduced by ill health and this at times can be a rather long winded book. The book is actually broken into 11 books and I gave up after the first book last time. This time I was determined to get to […]

Countdown To The Millennium By Rodney Matthews

This is a book of Artwork by Rodney Matthews. I bought it because of my interest in the Pictures he painted for Praying Mantis but this is a very nice book and was a great pleasure to look at and read. It contains a round up of nearly all the record covers Matthews has ever […]

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol

What utter rubbish. Why is this book so popular? It is nonsense after nonsense if this entertains children it shows how out of touch I am with them. A complete waste of reading time. Thank goodness it is short. I had started reading it to Zoe and Abbie but they seemed bored by the idea. […]

The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

This is a book I have heard as a Talking Classic and seen in an old B&W film. It struck me as being very much written in the style of a play with lots and lots of dialogue. I was interested to see that when Wilde described the scene at the beginning in the Artists […]