I was a bit disappointed to discover this book was a News Of The World publication.
I suppose I should have guessed as it was bound to be a bit sensationalist. Or
so I thought. Once I had actually read it I thought it was a fairly good
insight into what it must be like to have relations that become criminally
notorious. The book basically quotes lots of interviews with Stephen and more
often Mae and presents them in topics with a brief editorial explanation of the
circumstances. The authors seem genuine enough but since there is no outside
comment it is difficult too tell. My perception of Stephen also changed once we
got to the bodies being found and the trial (They were both obviously under a
lot of pressure). I think I would have preferred to buy a more general book on
the subject and will in all probability do so, so that I can compare it with
this book. This book was released straight after the verdict for Rose West’s
trial so is perhaps a little to close to the events. Given the books was not
quite what I was wanting I think it is a very good read all the same.