I got this book because my brother has recently broken down the walls he
built up around himself to find he is really a she. I had in the past read
Julia Grant’s "Just Julia" out of casual interest and lending her
this book in fact helped her identify herself. However I was after more details
on Transexuality and Gender in general. This book has met this need very nicely.
As someone from England I guess it is not the most relevant book since it deals
with the Politics going on in America. But once you get through the first half
of the book it really becomes mind challenging and I have to agree with a lot
of Riki’s points. As a new chapter start I would at first wonder what she was
going on about but as I got to the end I felt I had a pretty good understanding
and insight. The were lots of passages I thought I ought to remember and use
for examples in future should anyone feel like discussing Gender with me.