This was a very good book to read. It lists what it considers to be the 10
easiest mistakes for people to make in there thinking and gives very good every
day examples of people making the mistakes. It then goes on to list the basic
techniques for overcoming these problems. I got the book because I was looking
for something on Cognitive Therapy and I think this is probably a great book to
give to someone who has low self esteem, is a perfectionist to the point of
never completing anything or even has too much self esteem. There is a little
quiz in the first chapter to help you focus on which mistakes you are making
the most but all the chapters are a good read. I am not sure how it people will
react to it who do make these mistakes as I was rather surprised to mind I
already use most of the techniques mentioned here. I know many people that
don’t though so perhaps I make the 11 mistake of not knowing my faults!