Roger Dean

On 20th September 2001 I was invited to a press conference for a Roger Dean Art Exhibition at 28 Cork Street, London 12th-24th November 2001. Roger was very chatty so I decided it would be worth transcribing what was discussed. The questions were mainly from Jon at the Record Collector (he tends to be the […]

Mostly Autumn/Blackmore's Night – 25 Sept 2001 – York Opera House

My photos for this one are barely worth showing but I will all the same. At least the first two are OK Liam made sure I spotted Byran’s boots I was undecided as to weather to make an effort to see Blackmore’s Night but asI had heard Mostly Autumn were now singing in there set […]

Mostly Autumn – DVD Premier – 20th September 2001

I had been looking forward to getting to see this DVD. I had not paid the attention to everyone I wanted at the actual recording and my interest in Mostly Autumn had changed dramatically since I first saw them live. The DVD was the first time I had had opportunity to see the band live […]