Rick Wakeman and Mario Fasciano – Stella Bianco

Stella Bianco(White Star) – This has a medieval beat to it. Rick solos on Moog type sounds a couple of times. These is as a sound I don’t know how to described perhaps bells or guitar done on keyboard A quatte mane (At Four Hands) – My favourite track for some reason. It uses the […]

Rick Wakeman – Return To The Centre Of The Earth

We have had lots of initial impression but no one has really given a view after a lot of listens. So I will give mine to start us off (I hope). I was going to do a full review but since I don’t normally do a track by track review when I get a new […]

Rick Wakeman – Aspirant Sunset

These discs were one of my last choices. I tend to prefer hard rock and Moog solos. But these discs have had a bigger place in my collection than I expected. I have to confess Sunrise somehow grabs my attention as being a favourite but someone already has a review on the Rick Wakeman site […]

ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In A Nutshell

M.E. In A Nut Shell By Dr Dowsett When I saw Dr Dowsett In September 1994 she gave me the following notes to accompany her chat with me. I think they are fairly self-explainitory so I typed or OCR’ed the document for someone a long while a go. I have not included most of the Pictures […]

Band Reviews from 2003

I have been keeping this list of gigs I have attended and often written reviews for friends. It might interest someone so I have decided to put it online. I have tried to go to a lot of gigs in recent times as that is the only enjoyment worth aggravating my ME for but I […]

Disciple – Damian Wilson

In his Career Damian Wilson has sang with Threshold, Landmarq, Jeronimo Road, Ayreon and Rick Wakeman. I wasn’t keen on him in Jeronimo Road and I have reservations about his voice in some parts of Wakeman’s catalogue but I found him OK overall and he is a really nice bloke personally. Damian has also sung […]