Stella Bianco(White Star) – This has a medieval beat to it. Rick solos on Moog
type sounds a couple of times. These is as a sound I don’t know how to described
perhaps bells or guitar done on keyboard

A quatte mane (At Four Hands) – My favourite track for some reason. It uses
the Wakeman with Wakeman sound. Has a speaking part from Rick. Ah yes it’s because
the solo breaks are very long and the verses jolly.

‘O Core (The Heart) – The is guitar in this one. I can’t see who by. Again
extensive Rick solos. Again 90’s in style. Adam did the arrangements (Rick was
ill) for the album. I wonder what his contribution is on the end result.

Ariel – Sometimes Mario sounds like a drum machine but surely he isn’t. There
is a slowing down at the end so I don’t know.

Aria di te (Air of you) – This is a piano acoustic guitar piece and very soft.
Doesn’t do a great amount but is pleasant enough

Romance Napoli – This is very much in the mode of Children of Chernobyl from
No Expense spared. A very nice instrumental it still has the Black Knight feel
to it with the keyboard sound I can’t put a finger on.

Sologoccia (Only Drop) – Start reminds me of something from Softsword. Back
into extended Rick solo. it has to be said I can’t relate to the English version
of the lyrics

Carcere ‘e San Francisco (San Francisco’s Prison) – This is really Ocean City
from Time Machine. It has new Neapolitan verses and a lady (Aza) singing the
Ocean city chorus in English. I thought the backing track was probably the same
but perhaps "Black knight"ed a little. I just compared them though
and I think the backing is the same or slightly remixed or the keyboard voices
slightly changed. I can’t figure out Marios role on this. I always thought Ocean
city was my favourite on time machine and very in keeping with Black Knight.
I think I might prefer having two vocalists though. Actually Custards last stand
is my favourite on Time Machine. After all it has two of my heroes on it and
Roy Wood’s voice fits.