Here was my view of the album in 97. It still stands I think :-

You perhaps thought (hoped) I had forgotten this review but here it is

1. Take me to the Pilot – This track is very 70’s sounding. It has a Soulful
Female vocal on it. Piano, A brass section and Some Wah Wah Guitar. I can’t
say I really like it.

2. Yellow Man – This one is much better. It is a very Kinks sounding song.
I have no idea if it should be. It has Male vocals on this one. On the Album
there is credit a credit to Rick. And also "Chris who sang some songs".
Is Chris the man or the woman though?

3. Cast Your Fate to the wind – This track has guitar and Piano which is complex
in bits. It is a good jazzy Song

4. Gloria Gloria – The Opening of this one sounds like it could be from The
Heritage suite. And then the rest is Awful. It sounds has 70’s’ Orchestra Music
(the sort of stuff played in an Interval or to accompany a Test Card) and Electric
piano or Organ on it.

5. Your Song – This is the First track I can hear Rick Sounding like Rick.
This is quite a nice track. Again it has the Male Vocalist on it.

6. Delta Lady – Another track for the Lady Vocalist. More Orchestra and Brass
but this track is kind of OK. There might be a very minor touch or Rick sounding
Piano on this one. Along with the ordinary piano of course.

7. A Picture of You – Another bad instrumental like 4. Yuck!

8. Home Sweet Oklahoma – This has a Wakey like start and male vocals. It actually
sounds very Rick in places and is a reasonably good track.

9. Fire and Rain – Another tracks with high Rick Content and Female vocals.
It’s OK

10. Classical Gas – This tracks is my favourite. The first time I heard it,
it reminded me of the ELO’s first album track called First Movement. I have
since discovered "Classical Gas" was a 1968 Chart single so I guess
it influenced Roy Wood and therefore Woody "borrowed" some of it’s
structure in tribute, as he is known to do from time to time. Rick did not seem
to do much on this track. It is mainly classical guitar to my ear

Overall not the greatest Album but ok. I would not recommend anyway bust a
gut trying to find this one but it is like all album of Curiosity to all Wakeman