When I first got this I hadn’t a clue what to make of it. It is a very unusual but interesting album.

Poisonality – The album opens with a very simple riff as the loud theme. Under
it there is some terrific guitar and good atmospherics. The track is very long,
well 9.42, and by the 4-5 minute I am getting tired of the main riff. But so
does Francis and we get a break from it for a minute or so. There is a lot going
on in this track and it needs to be played a volume. The vocals are very treated
and I haven’t a clue what the they are.

Train Dun Gone Crazy – This track starts with a good train rhythm. This is
more of a vocal track than the previous one but it is still very treated and
difficult to understand. Before listening to the album in detail for this review
I would have guessed it was guitar oriented but the are a lot of keys in the
background especially a Hammond Organ type sound. The guitar style is very much
70’s Rock/Blues based.

Delta Bitstream Blues – Is a heavy blues and I can almost work out some of
the lyrics

Another Day – This is a very laid back track and has an additional female
vocalist who might be Julia Raithbone. This is mainly a keyboard track until
things pick up in the middle. Here the distorted Guitars join in. It is quite
symmetrical track in that it then quietens finally ending as it started. The
whole album is very odd but this track in particular is.

Heard In Dreams – This one has a riff that I like and kind of reminds me of
what Rick Wakeman did for the soundtrack of “Crimes of passion”. It’s sort of
sinister and sleazy but quiet up paced again

21-Bar Blues – This is another slower paced song and definitely a blues. The
vocals while treated are a lot clearer and again sleazy to me. The closest thing
in my album collection to the main vocal style of the album is a track from
ZZ Top’s El Loco album called Heaven, Hell or Houston. I guess also Ten Foot

“At The Court Of The King” – This is a very short atmospheric track

The Four Guitarists Of The Apocalypse (You Got To Admit) – This is possibly
one of my favourite tracks. Lots of guitar and Good Hammond in the background.
Great stuff.

Harvest Time – This is a more atmospheric song with lots of keys and quiet
airy vocals

Rinky-Dink Public School – The humour in the titles of this album really amuses
me. This is another favourite of mine and has male and female vocals. I like
the addition of the batman riff at one point

Acid Casino – This track continues straight on from Rinky and the first time
I missed the change over. The next time however I started the album and was
immediately struck by how similar the start is to the Stranglers No More Heroes.
As I racked my brains looking for comparisons for this unique style I hadn’t
thought of them but this album in general is a kind of punky blues. Don’t worry
though it is very musical. This is another favourite of mine. As usual I am
preferring speedy guitar tracks with excellent keyboards

Found In Space – We slow down for another "Harvest" type track.
I love the end section of this song

Dispossession Blues / Small Planet Blues – This is another up tempo blues where
the guitars are doing the rhythm up front and the keyboards are providing the
melody 14.

If Truth – Finally back to a slower more traditional Blues again I really enjoyed
giving this album a concentrated listen at a bit more volume than normal.

I can’t see it appealing to everyone but if you enjoy albums with lots going
on in the mix and an original style give this one a go. I can see me returning
to this one a lot. I am pleased I gave it a go.

(Feb 2001 comment – I wish people would give this a go. Sadly you have to buy
direct from Francis Monkman so he is relying
on word of mouth exposure. If you don’t buy it I want get to hear the next CD
and I am curious as to what he can come up with. )