This is a very good book but like before it I was surprised at the lack of
detailed coverage of his early years. If anyone is planing to read "I am
not Spock" as well as this book definitely do so first. The coverage in
"Not Spock" is less detailed and most of the important stories are
covered in this volume. I missed the Spock/Nimoy chats in this book. Some are
contained but mainly only as chapter headers. I suspect this book could be
summed up as covering Nimoy’s public life. Where as "Not Spock" gave
up as bit more on his internal thinking. The stories that are in both books
tend to have been expanded a bit in this volume. It is interesting to hear
Nimoy’s views on the making of the films. I don’t think they add anything to
William Shatner’s Star Trek Movie memories but it helps validate Shatner’s book
for me. Definitely a good read. Buy it.