Here is a video clip of Ayreon’s Arjen Lucassen’s first Live appearance in 7 seven years. It was taken at the Alfa Centuria Festival at Theatre ‘t Spant, Bussum, NL on 28 April 2001. A full review and pics of which are avaiable Here.

Obviously video takes a lot of space I have therefore decided to give you the
last 2mins 43 of the Dream Sequencer performance from the gig. Arjen is playing
with Erik Norlander but as you can see from my position he was next to impossible
to see.

I also have choose my quality levels carefully. The smallest Mpeg I could make
was still 7mb which is to risky on my site stats. I therefore made it high quality
Real Audio.

This won’t buffer up very well as it is designed for an Dual ISDN connection.
I therefore suggest you save the video to your disc and then run it offline.

To do this most browsers will allow you to right click on the following link
and one of the options listed will hopefully be something like Save Target/Link

For a Real Audio Player go to the Real Audio

Any problems e-mail me and I will try to help you out.

OK here is the click. Good luck!

Sorry this has been lost in one of the moves of my website 🙁 – Dream Sequencer Live
at Alfa Centuri (1.7mb)