Praying Mantis For Powerplay Magazine

Praying Mantis have had a long and turbulent career but now they have a steady line-up and two strong albums to bring them to everyone’s attention againĀ  Praying Mantis first grabbed the headlines in the music scene around 1978 when Neal Kay at " The Bandwagon" HM Soundhouse club in London took an interest in […]

Praying Mantis Interview

Praying Mantis have had a long and turbulent career. They first came to national press attention in 1979 when they were one of the leading lights of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Things went a bit awry after the first album but in 1990 they were invited to play in Japan. They […]

Dr Dowsett on ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When I saw Dr Dowsett In September 1994 she gave me a document call "ME In a Nutshell" which is on the official part of my site. This page is just here for those in the know. I had reason to consult Dr Dowsett by phone and she was kind enough to send me these new […]

Band Reviews From 2004

I have been keeping this list of gigs I have attended and often written reviews for friends. It might interest someone so I have decided to put it online. I have tried to go to a lot of gigs in recent times as that is the only enjoyment worth aggravating my ME for but I […]